Grow your sales

Win more contracts, not only through the quality and price of your products and services, but also by offering attractive financing options to your international customers. Our Buyer Credits allow your customer to finance the purchase and provide you with a competitive advantage. In addition, we are taking the risk of non-payment for you.

The Benefits


  1. We’ve simplified the process
    1. You provide us with the export contract and credit information on your foreign buyer

    Upon receipt of the information, we will conduct a thorough due diligence of the buyer, the political risk in the buyer’s country as well as the environmental and social impacts of the project.

    1. Once the credit is approved, we issue a loan agreement to your buyer and inform you, the exporter

    After assessing the application and credit risk, we conclude the loan agreement with your customer and inform you about the outcome.

    1. Your payment is typically triggered by the receipt of a buyer approved invoice

    Once the paperwork is done, you can deliver the order and receive your payment.

    1. We will collect payment from your buyer and administer the loan

    Your customer will service the loan, but as exporter you do not carry any risks as you are not part of the financing.



    See more details on our Buyer Credit: product description, product mechanism, benefits, eligibility, pricing, credit terms, and risks covered.




vozol 6000


vozol 6000