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Connecting Pakistan

To the World

We are leading trade experts for a prosperous and globally competitive Pakistan. We finance the growth of Pakistani enterprises and minimize risks in transactions to expand Pakistan’s economy beyond its borders.

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Grow your overseas business

Access more financing to expand sales into a new market, or locate your inventory closer to your buyers. When your bank asks for additional security, our guarantee can help you access the loan.

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Our Values Info

  • Responsiveness allows Pak EXIM to understand and adapt to the needs of the market, exporters, and stakeholders in an efficient, proactive, and innovative manner.
  • Integrity in all of the Bank’s operations, client interactions, and stakeholder relationships ensures that Pak EXIM upholds high standards and is a trusted catalyst and partner for Pakistani exporters and stakeholders.
  • Partnerships with national and international stakeholders allows Pak EXIM to identify and realize growth opportunities for Pakistani exporters.
  • Excellence in operations drives the necessary results and enhances Pak EXIM’s reputation in the market as a key partner in facilitating trade, exports and investment.