Who we Are

Export-Import Bank of Pakistan (EXIM Bank) is Pakistan’s official Export Credit Agency, owned 100% by the Government of Pakistan (G.o.P.) and regulated by State Bank of Pakistan (S.B.P.).
EXIM Bank, as a leading trade expert, enhances the overall competitiveness of Pakistani exporters, particularly middle-market and SME players, by providing funds, risk mitigation tools and a support network of important international stakeholders allowing you to utilise your export growth potential and diversify into new markets.
Export-led growth has a direct correlation to job creation, enhanced generation of foreign exchange, and business & S.M.E. growth. G.o.P. is increasingly prioritising the role of export growth and diversification to support broader economic growth and stability. To assist these efforts, EXIM Bank serves as a growth engine for industries and S.M.Es. through a wide range of products and services.
G.o.P.’s prioritisation of trade led economic growth, through reduced cost of doing business in Pakistan via various financial incentives, will also be served through EXIM Bank filling market gaps left by commercial banks making us a key policy instrument in the country’s National Development Plan.
EXIM Bank’s aim is to diversify Pakistan’s exports in terms of product and geographical diversification by serving as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for exporters and export growth, EXIM Bank offers a support network to Pakistani exporters seeking to diversify into new markets regionally and globally along with financing solutions improving their competitiveness, and enabling more enterprises to export spurring economic growth for the nation.


How does it work

Our Values

We are an institution that values and takes pride in:

    • Being Responsive that allows EXIM Bank to understand and adapt to the needs of the market, exporters, and stakeholders in an efficient, proactive, and innovative manner.


    • Having the highest level of Integrity in all of the Bank’s operations, client interactions, and stakeholder relationships ensuring that EXIM Bank upholds high standards and is a trusted catalyst and partner for Pakistani exporters and stakeholders.


    • Creating Partnerships with national and international stakeholders which allows EXIM Bank to identify and realize growth opportunities for Pakistani exporters.


    • Achieving Excellence in its operations that drives economic impact based on additionality that contributes towards building EXIM Bank’s reputation in the market as a key partner in facilitating and enhancing risk taking capacity in the country to support the growth of trade, exports and investment
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