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Reaching In
Building Capacity

Financing a self-sustaining Pakistan.

EXIM Bank’s Import Substitution Finance assists in capital investments, such as the procurement of machinery & equipment, construction of new/additional production facilities, research & development related to promoting Pakistan’s industrialisation, increasing Pakistani value creation and ultimately substituting imports and having a positive impact on Balance of Payments of Pakistan.


Access to Medium/Long-term Financing

Supplement your cashflow through medium/long-term financing and improve your financial planning. EXIM Bank’s higher risk appetite, compared to commercial banks, in various markets can supplement your bank’s lending capacity.


Expand your production capacity, to grow your national as well as international sales and manage your work-in-progress costs.

Increase Value Addition

Expansion in national production along the value chain resulting in increase of your revenue, profit margins and competitive advantage. Invest in new/state-of-the art machinery & equipment and boost your productivity and reduce operational expenses to help your business compete for new and larger contracts globally.