Import Substitution

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Make in Pakistan

You can use an import substitution loan towards capital investments, such as the procurement of machinery or equipment, heavy equipment, construction of new/additional production facilities, research and development financing, which is related to promoting Pakistan’s industrialisation, increasing Pakistani value creation and ultimately substituting imports and having a positive impact on Balance of Payments of Pakistan.

The Benefits


We’ve simplified the process

  1. You submit an application for an import substitution loan

You apply to Pak EXIM for an import substitution loan to increase your value addition and boost your production capacity.

  1. We run a credit check on you

We will assess the application, the eligibility of your financing request as well as your underlying credit risk.

  1. We will provide you with an import substitution loan

A decision will be made regarding accepting or rejecting the application for an import substitution loan and it will be communicated to you. Following a positive credit decision, Pak EXIM will arrange for the disbursement of the investment loan. Repayment of the investment loan is typically monthly, quarterly or linked to your export cycle.