A Strategic Results Framework to Catalyze Impact

EXIM Bank serves as a public policy instrument for the Government of Pakistan and is aligned with Pakistan’s National Development Plan. The Bank works to foster export growth and diversification as well as export-oriented business development. As such, EXIM Bank aims to fulfil its strategic objectives not only with the purpose of being financially profitable and sustainable, but also to generate broader development outcomes and impacts.

EXIM Bank embeds its strategic and development objectives within a Strategic Results Framework that offers a broader perspective of EXIM Bank’s objectives as a public policy instrument. EXIM Bank’s defined mandate, value proposition, vision and mission, core values, and strategic objectives are reflected in its Strategic Results Framework.

The Strategic Results Framework is a detailed guide for the execution of EXIM Bank’s organisation strategy, including required inputs, activities, and outputs, as well as resulting outcomes and impacts. EXIM Bank’s higher objective is to generate positive outcomes and impacts that promote sustainable economic, social, and environmental development for Pakistan. These outcomes and impacts aim to fulfil EXIM Bank’s mandate and the goals of Pakistan’s national development plan, such as growth of the Pakistani export sector, improved access to finance for SMEs, and increased employment which leads to economic and social development for the country.