Secured Receivables
Secured Growth

Protect your prosperity with EXIM’s TCI Policies.


Get Access to More Finance

With our credit insurance policies, your financial institution will lend up to 90% of the value of your insured invoices, significantly increasing your access to cash.

Grow Your Business Globally

Insuring your invoices through EXIM Bank allows you to offer attractive payment terms at lower costs to foreign buyers, enabling you to win contracts, grow and expand your market presence globally.

Protect Your Balance Sheet and Income Statement

EXIM Bank’s credit insurance policies insure your export receivables up to 85% against non-payment due to buyer insolvency, contract cancellation, protracted default, etc. and up to 95% due to political events such as war, civil commotion, transferability, and transfer restrictions, etc.


EXIM Bank’s Trade Credit Insurance product line offers you a new world of trade security through our risk mitigation tools. Secure your business against non-payments with:

For Exporters

For Commercial Banks

Comprehensive Short-Term Insurance Policy

Specific Buyer/
Transaction Policy

Documentary Credit Insurance Policy

Bank Master


vozol 6000


vozol 6000